Cat Cardigan

Cardi: ASOS (on sale!) | Turtleneck: Nordstrom (on sale!) | Jeans: ASOS (old), similar here | Wedge booties: Target (sold out) simiar here | Tote Bag: Forever 21 | Sunnies: ZeroUV
¬†Um cat printed wrap cardigan? That’s a no-brainer. I HAD TO HAVE IT.
If you don’t know me that well let me tell you, I LOVE cats. I’ve got 2 right now in my tiny apartment, and the moment I get a house you know I’m going to go rescue some more. We have the sweetest neighbors who just happen to be two older ladies and they currently have 5 cats in their equally as tiny apartment, so don’t judge me! Oh and neither of us are technically allowed to have cats.
Funny story about the cats I do have, we didn’t find them, they found us!
Our oldest one Kittykins was a stray that started coming around our 4-plex for food. She was super skittish at first but warmed up to us real quick and we started letting her in our apartment for little visits. One night she was sitting on my lap relaxing and she started twitching and I freaked out, turns out she was ready to have her kittens! We suspected she was pregnant but didn’t really know. She had the kittens in my husband’s closet that night and we’ve loved her ever since!
Our 2nd kitty is named Precious. We’re super creative with cat names obviously (not). My husband was fishing by the river by our house and he said something out loud and he suddenly heard little tiny meows coming from the bushes.
Out walks the teensiest orange kitten you’ve ever seen…he looked around for the mother or family and there was none to be found!
He brought him home in his shirt and surprised me. I died.
Oh and at the time we thought he was a she, and she was soooooo precious, so Precious came to be.
Well she turned into a he, and we never got around to picking a new name. It’s okay, he’s still precious.
This is right around when we first found him. See? Precious.
They love each other!
Now you know why I had to have this cardigan!

6 Responses to Cat Cardigan

  1. Dani Nielsen says:

    I love this look girl! You look beautiful as ever and so chic!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  2. Iris P. says:

    I love that cardigan it looks so adorable and so cozy! Cute outfit!

  3. Kat Frazier says:

    Haha You are so cute! Love your cardi! I love cats but I have to love them from a distant! I am so allergic to them!
    Kat |