Today I teamed up with 7 gorgeous bloggers to give away our FAVORITE lipsticks!
The lucky winner of the giveaway will win ALL eight of them!
This is an amazing way to instantly add a diverse lipstick collection to your makeup kit. Thanks to Alycia from Crowley Party for coming up with this great idea!

To enter, just go to the Rafflecopter below! Open to U.S. readers only and the giveaway will go through October 7th.



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Recently I went through a cleanse. No not a juice cleanse, a social media cleanse. As part of the premiere of the new ABC show ‘Selfie’, I was challenged to go a whole day without using social media once. I couldn’t go through my Facebook feed, or check Twitter, and I definitely couldn’t check Instagram! How did I survive this? Let me tell you.

The start of my day usually involves hopping on my iPad and checking my emails, then Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After I checked my emails for the day, it felt so weird not to check social media! When something is a habit like that it feels weird when you break it! I got ready and went about my day but had to keep stopping myself from checking my phone to see what was new on Instagram. My #1 social media weakness is definitely Instagram and I usually find myself checking it at least 4-5 times a day. This cleanse definitely threw me for a loop! I felt almost disconnected from everyone, but sort of in a good way! I don’t really need to know what foods my friends are eating and what they’re wearing- 4 to 5 times a DAY.
To take my mind off of social media entirely, I decided to do something I haven’t done in a long time. Head to the library and check out some books to read! I used to read all the time when I was younger, but the past few years I’ve really dropped the ball and haven’t felt like I had the time to really get in to any new books. Well not anymore! I went and perused the local library and Loved. It. I left with my library bag full of new reads and lots of spare time on my hands, so I decided to spend some time outside in the beautiful weather and do some serious reading.

reading in the park

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American Eagle denim has earned an excellent reputation for their great fit and styling. This season is no exception! The AEO fall collection lineup is on point. They have every style and wash you’re going to need to complete your fall and winter outfits, because every pair comes in 14 fits and over 100 different washes, not to mention usually three different lengths (short, regular, and long inseams).
It’s almost like you can design your own jeans! Essential Denim, American Eagle Fall Collection  |

Left | Middle | Right

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casual blue & grey |


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Nordstrom graphic maxi skirt |

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So I normally don’t really do too many giveaways anymore, but when this one came along I couldn’t resist! I’m collaborating with Kiss Me Darling and many other amazing bloggers to bring you a $500 Neiman Marcus gift card giveaway!
I know what I would do with the gift card! (See my favorites below…)

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crisp white vest |

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white button up tied over purple dress |

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Be the Good Campaign- Do something nice for someone else, it can be big or small! #bethegood

“Be the Good” Tee c/o Cents of Style

I have been challenged by and Cents of Style to #BeTheGood. Through this campaign I was challenged to do something, big or small, for another person.
Challenge accepted

I actually had originally planned to go donate blood, but when I got there and started filling out my forms, I had to tell them about my slight heard murmur and they said I couldn’t give blood unless I had a note from my doctor saying it was okay! :'(
I was so sad.
No, I was not really looking forward to the needle part, but I know giving blood is important and I really wanted to do it! I’ll have to get my doctors note and try again.

Since I only had 1 day to get my little act of service done, I just decided to pay for the Starbucks drink of the person behind me in the line at the drive through. I’d never done it before but I’d heard of people doing that for others and it always seemed so fun! Getting to the window and having them say, “Oh your order has been paid for!” and them being so confused, but probably thrilled about it… Sure it’s only a few bucks, but it’s the little gesture and surprise of it that I think makes people happy.
(Side note: I’ve never been a green tea person until my friend Brittany made me try their sweetened green tea. YUM! And good for you too. Definitely give it a try if you haven’t!)

I’m so glad I was asked to participate in this challenge and share my experience. I think people generally want to help others and be good people to those around them, we just get busy and set in our routines and don’t often get a chance to think about something we can do for another person. This is a wonderful campaign and I hope it urges people to just think a little bit about something they could do. It can be big or small, but just taking that first step and making a point to do something, will benefit you more than you know (and the person you help too!)

I challenge my friends Brittany and Corrine to#BetheGood and find something to do for another person!


Today I am so excited to be able to partner with GiGi New York for the release of their ‘Hayden’ satchel in Wine, a brand new color for fall!GiGi New York Hayden Satchel, mustard sweater, ankle boots.

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