Esqido Mink Lashes Review

False eyelashes are a great way to take your makeup to a whole new level.

I have been wearing them for a while now and have done a lot of experimenting with different brands, styles, and looks. I love lashes because they really do amplify any makeup look you are trying to achieve. My favorite kinds of lashes are natural styles- I never really want anyone to know I’m wearing them. I find myself wondering how I ever lived without them! That’s also how I feel about these Esqido mink lashes, what was I doing before these? And yes, you heard me right, they’re mink. Those little adorable creatures that look like ferrets… well who knew their fur makes for amazing lashes? Esqido did. Oh and don’t worry, the minks are well treated. The strands come from the natural shedding cycle of the minks, and then are sterilized and ready to go! 

I chose to review two of the most popular Esqido lash styles, the ‘BFF’ and the ‘Little Black Lash’.

Esqido Little Black Lashes Review

The ‘Little Black Lash’ is your perfect every day lash.
They look SO natural! The length is just perfect to actually make a difference when you look in the mirror, but nobody talking to you would notice they aren’t yours. I am absolutely obsessed with them for that reason. They go with any makeup look, and I can even wear them on days I don’t wear much makeup and they just add that little extra something to where I still feel put together.

Esqido Little Black Lash Review

Esqido BFF Lashes Review

The ‘BFF’ lash is your going out lash.
They’ve got sass and they’ve got length, but not TOO much! I chose them because I wanted a lash for getting dolled up- but I still didn’t want that look where the first thing you notice is big ol’ lashes. They’re just enough to give me a little extra glam, while still being a more natural style. I LOVE these lashes girls.

Esqido BFF Lash Review

I can’t talk well enough about these lashes. When I first discovered the world of false eyelashes, I used Ardell and Andrea lashes from Sallys. They are disposable lashes, meaning you use them a handful of times and then throw them away. They’re around $4 per pair and I still definitely use them, but mink lashes are a different animal (get it, different animal?) Their website says they can be worn up to 25 times with proper care, although I’m pretty sure I’m getting really close to having worn them 25 times and they show no sign of being worn out any time soon. My favorite feature of these lashes has to be the cotton band. Compared to my disposable lashes, my Esqido mink lashes are actually faster and easier to put on because the cotton band makes it so easy to apply the glue. If I am in a hurry at all, I go with my Esqido lashes because I know they’ll go on quickly, and correctly. Yes they are more pricy than the disposable alternative, but for the quality and ease, I can’t help but say they’re worth it! I am now a mink lash fanatic!

Esqido Mink Lashes ReviewTo apply my lashes, I use DUO eyelash adhesive (clear), a disposable eyelash wand, and scissors to trim them to the right length for my eyes!

What do you think? Have you ever used mink lashes before, or even false eyelashes in general? What are your favorites? I’d love to hear!


watercolor print skirt floral skirt & lace-up heelswatercolor print skirt Cents of Style Watercolor Skirt |

 Vince Camuto Silk Shirt (size down, I’m wearing an XS) | Cents of Style Watercolor Skirt c/o (Use code LITTLEJ for 20% off through December!) | JustFab ‘Sanna’ Heels | GiGi New York Uber Clutch c/o | ILY Couture ‘Wifey’ Necklace c/o

Cents of Style is a hidden gem I discovered not long ago. They carry an awesome selection of tees, skirts, accessories, shoes, and even some home decor. (*Get 20% off your purchase through Dec. 31st with coupon code LITTLEJ) I saw this skirt online and thought it looked nice, but then in person it was EVEN BETTER. The colors work so perfectly together and it fits like a glove. No zipper or anything, it just fits perfectly! I had to wear it with my new ‘Sanna’ heels from JustFab. Can you say Sophia Webster lookalikes?

I hope your week is going amazingly so far! I finally changed my address on my license to my correct address so I can get a library card! I’m so excited, is that weird? I’m a big fan of libraries. I could spend hours just wandering. Oh a section on making your own wooden furniture? Yes I’d love to read all about that. Floral design? Why yes, I’m interested. So if you need me, that’s where I’ll be the next few days…


grey wrap cardiganfishtail braid with a turtleneckgrey wrap cardiganlong grey cardigan by Style Says Shop

 StyleSaysShop Long Grey Wrap Cardigan c/o | H&M Turtleneck (another option here) | H&M Jeans (also love these) | Stuart Weitzman ‘Highland’ Boots | GiGi NY ‘Hayden’ Satchel c/o | ASOS Sunglasses

This is without a doubt the most unique top I own!
I absolutely love how original it is. It’s a cute wrap top in front, and a long maxi cardigan in the back. I put this together on a chilly day, but I can see it being just as fun to style with a v-neck under and some flats for a more casual look. ALSO it is on sale on Groupdealz right now for half off, so it’s pretty much a no-brainer!

Is the week getting away from anyone else?! Already Wednesday, WHAT?! I have a to-do list a mile long, and yet I am SO tired all the time and lack all motivation to-do the to-do list! Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe it’s the weather, it’s finally getting really cold? Or maybe I need some extra sleep? I can’t figure it out. If anyone knows any remedies I am all ears, this homegirl has work to do!


Welcome to class!
Everyone get out your notebooks and pens. We’re going to talk about how to wear those overalls you bought in the summer, all the way through fall and winter!

How to Wear Your Overalls in the Fall and Winter |

– A statement necklace is a great way to add a stylish element to an overalls look, but choose the right one. A shiny, rhinestoned statement necklace might not be the best option!
– Sometimes going simple is the best way to go. An easy long sleeve tee can be a good choice as your first layer for warmth, and something to build on with your accessories.
–  A clutch can be a great accessory to go with to keep your overalls from looking like you stepped off a farm. A leopard clutch is even better!
Cuffing your overalls can be a good option if the length is iffy- it also adds a little bit of style to the look. Booties are always a safe bet with the cold weather, and all the better if they have a little (or a lot) of heel to them.

– A fall hat is a great addition to your overalls outfit. It detracts from the fact that they are overalls and makes the whole look more cohesive.
– In the cold you definitely want to dress warm, and a turtleneck is a great way to do that. They also inherently look more dressy, so they’re a nice aspect when you want to class up your usually casual overalls.
– A chic bag is a good option for a more dressed up style. A more casual tote or un-structured bag can bring your look down when styling overalls.
– Again, booties are usually the way to go with styling your overalls in the Fall and Winter. They look stylish and keep your feet warm at the same time in those low temps!

Left outfit details: White ModBod L/S Top c/o | Target Overalls (love these too)| French Connection Cosmic Hair Clutch c/o | Glimmer Lane ‘Shiva’ Necklace | Steve Madden Booties 

Right outfit details: H&M Turtleneck (similar here) | H&M Overalls | GiGi NY ‘Hayden’ Satchel c/o | Leila Stone ‘Celibeth’ Booties via ShoeDazzle| ShopPrimmaDonna Hat

I hope these tips encouraged some of you to pull those overalls out of storage and rock them in the fall and winter too! Now I want to see how you style them- tag me on Instagram (@jackie_welling) or shoot me an email so I can see!

Tips on How to Wear Your Overalls in the Fall and Winter How to Wear Your Overalls in the Fall & Winter |

Photos by Greg Deakins

vest & loafers for a casual fall outfit |

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Old Navy Camo Jacket & Stripes


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7 for All Mankind Josefina Feminine Boyfriend Jeans


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