Aviators & Converse

Tee: Forever 21Jeans: Forever 21 | Jacket: Forever 21 | Sneaks: Converse | Aviators: c/o ZeroUV | Bag: Forever 21 | Beanie: Forever 21 | Ability to wear Converse without socks: c/o BERGIES!
Are you wondering what “Bergies” are yet?
“Bergies are scented, disposable shoe liners that keep your feet and shoes fresh even when you go sock-less!”
Aaaaaand I’m loving them.
I recently [finally] got a pair of white Converse sneaks, and am one of those people that prefers how they look without socks.
The only problem with this is of course the oh-so ladylike problem of sweaty, stinky feet after a long day of hoofing it around town! Gross.
Well problem-o SOLVED.
I’ve used Bergies in my shoes for a couple months now and ladies, they are the solution to our problem! NO “feet” smell at ALL. They actually smell quite nice.
 I’ve tried out a few of the smells, and I think my favorite so far is “Down to Earth”. It literally smells like fresh dirt! That sounds weird, but I seriously love it.
If that’s not your thing, don’t worry they have 5 great smells to choose from, as well as plenty of sizes to fit your feets.
They’re infused with essential oils, so nothing chemical-y or toxic is getting on your feet.
This is my 100% honest opinion, I find them so comfortable.
They’re very thin, but something about the fabric they’re made with is so cozy to my feet!
The best part of all of this?…
 They are so inexpensive, they come 3 to a pack and I haven’t even had to change out my first pair yet!
You can get 10% off your order too with coupon code “littlej10″, as if they weren’t cheap enough already!
Did I mention they come in kids sizes too?! These people are geniuses I tell you.
Alright, I’ll stop raving about Bergies, I think they speak for themselves anyways…
(or smell for themselves? Hmm…)
A little about this outfit, it’s kind of been my go-to all fall/winter.
Boyfriend jeans, converse, graphic tee, jacket, and a HUGE tote bag.
After converting to this bag I just can’t go back… It fits EVERYTHING!
I tend to carry every little thing I might possibly need with me in my purses, and just carry my wallet into stores & such.
I don’t think I can go back to a smaller bag…
Anyways, happy hump day!

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  1. Mads says:

    Great outfit, I am in love with those jeans !

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